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Exquisite Experience

  • Targeted Deep Tissue Massage

     A focused full body massage, using deep, targeted work to restore the body’s range of motion and to release chronically painful conditions.  It restores the body to its original magnificent mechanical design.  Ruth created and teaches this unique technique.

    $100 – 1 hour    $60 – half hour ♥  $140 – 90 minutes

    High Performance Massage

    Designed for the amateur or professional athlete for whom results count.  This massage uses Targeted Deep Tissue™ work as well as other massage techniques  to help take a body to an even higher state of performance and readiness.  It is ideal for the rider, dancer, golfer, runner or any other extremely physical sport.  It may be used for overall performance enhancement or as a pre or post event treatment to keep the body on track.

    $100 – 1 hour    $60 – half hour

    Injury Rehabilitation Massage

    A lymphatic technique used on acute injuries or chronic pain from past surgeries.  A very profound and gentle modality that facilitates healing and reduces swelling. One of the few modalities that can be used right after surgery or injury.

    $100 – 1 hour    $60 – half hour

    Shiatsu Session

     A gentle eastern form of massage that restores the body’s energy balance.  Performed with the client fully clothed and on a floor mat.  The therapist applies pressure to specific energy pathways throughout the client’s body.  Shiatsu is ideal for internal and emotional imbalances and many chronic conditions.

    $85 – 1 hour

    Co-Active Life Coaching

    What do you want to be? What do you love to do? How can your life be more fun and fulfilling? A coach is a partner to help you achieve your goals and provide ongoing clarity, focus and support during the process.

    $50 – per 30 minute session—1st one free!

    Phone or Skype consultations are available

    Equine Massage
    Ruth has been trained in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For more information, click here.


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