Hello Dear Sanga,

Happiness and joy as we move towards our celebration of Independence Day with much Gratitude for the freedoms we live on a daily basis♡

May we all experience freedom of accidents and be mindfully present in our hearts and minds♡

May we gift ourselves with Time for contemplation and For Letting Go, releasing what no longer serves♡

Standing or sitting in Mountain or Tadasana pose. Feel the stability and connection. It is from this place we connect to the Power of our Higher and True Selves and to a Power of our understanding that is far beyond anything imaginable.
Placing one hand on your heart and the other on your stomach, allow the breath of life  to enter into you and fill you with the sustenance that will carry you. The nourishment of the body, mind and Spirit♡

I’m breathing in becomes the mantra on the intake, I’m exhaling out with the release.
We ask our hearts, what it is that we need?
How can we carry out the next indicated action in the Hifghest Good of self and others?
On the exhalation out, we let go of and ask to be shown what we can release to be clear, present
And expansive to live our lives fully♡

Taking advantage of every available opportunity, the practice carries us and informs us♡

I invite each of you dear hearts to practice this. Together, there is a strength that helps us to remember our true essence and purpose.
Living it together in Love and Light,
Many thanks to Ruth Fishel for her inspiring Time for Me writtings and to my family, teachers and students ❤️
Namaste 🙏