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A Mindful Motion Gentle Stretching Chair Yoga Class takes place each Thursday from 8:30am to 9:30 for beginners and 9:00am-10am EST for more experienced students.  We will practice centering, breathing, movements addressing the health of the spine and muscles of the body, and conclude with techniques that tap into the integration of the mind, body, and Spirit. Attend one class or all of them. Hope to see you!

Zoom Meeting ID: 974 8854 4206 and the password: 4life

Mindful Motion Yoga

Due to the elements (air and ether) that make-up this season, grounding and connecting to the earth for a sense of stability is essential to establishing balance. With each posture, practice deep, complete breathing.

View our videos on YouTube  for the following suggested daily postures (asanas):

“Every body can do yoga!”


Debbie Vigneri

Yoga Instructor




  • Goat Pose (grounding and direction of energy downward for stability, strengthens the legs and adds to lower body circulation of energy/prana)
  • Yoga Mudra (alleviates constipation, lifts the mood, eases sciatica, low back discomfort and headache tension)
  • Bridge Pose (relieves back pain)