Time for Me… Time for Self-Compassion..

-Thoughts inspired by Ruth Fishel, my Ancestors, Teachers and Students ♡

As I prepare for my upcoming training, I am hearing my thoughts…

How will you make it through such a rigorous training. 3 classes in a row!

What were you thinking????

How will you stay awake and alert with such long seminars???

It goes on and on I noticed. The story-line in the thoughts. It’s the mind doing its job based on past experiences and occurrences. Based on belief systems inherited and acquired.

The courage to change the things I can…

The only thing I can change are the second thoughts and the actions that follow♡

Our readings together have presented so many tools and the premise that the brain can be re-wired through awareness and reprogramming. We know it as the term neuroplasticity.

My part is to pick up these tools- affirmations, tapping into a Source Greater than Self (through meditation) and through willingness and openness I am transformed♡♡♡

Now, a new realization for the this week to practice…

A sprinkling in of compassion. A loving softness with my Higher Self and others that expresses and displays Unconditional Self-love.

This week, I am willing to use mantra, visualization, meditation and compassion when I hear these messages that erode my self-esteem and deplete my Spirit.

With acceptance and non-judgement, I am willing to practice Love, Tolerance and appreciation of Self, All of me, as a Loving Higher Power would♡

Then I can give the gift to another♡♡♡

Are you in???

Let’s do it together.

In yoga practice we know this as Ahimsa. Causing no harm to self and others. 

Namaste Beautiful Sangha (community)

Debbie ♡♡♡







“A sprinkling in of compassion. A loving softness with my Higher Self and others that expresses and displays Unconditional Self-love.”


Time for Me…
Time for Neuroplasticity…

Inspired thoughts and practice from Ruth Fishel, and from my teachers, and Students♡

” Neuroplasticity is our ability to change our mind, to change ourselves and to change our perception of the world around us…we have to change how the brain automatically and habitually works. The ability to make our brain forgo its habitual internal wiring and fire new patterns and combinations is how neuroplasticity allows us to change.”
Joe Dispenza, DC

Scientists are proving that we DO have the ability to change the (habitual) thought patterns of our thinking and minds♡

How can we practice this?
1. Begin with the mindfulness to be aware of the thoughts and feelings we are experiencing.  Scientific data suggests that our minds will react to what we are feeling at any given moment in time. We ask ourselves, how is this serving us? Is it for our Highest Good? Is it in accordance with the way a Loving Power Greater than Self would have us think???  How am I reacting to this?  Am I triggered, responding from a past experience?  An “old” belief system?

We are Empowered to discern and then make choices!!!!!
As we become more aware, we can welcome the thoughts and feelings with the energy of mindfulness and allow the thought patterns to be transformed. As we do this, we free ourselves from the grips of being reactionary. We begin to experience life in a different way and with a different perspective. We are now in “real time” or living in the moment♡  “New thoughts make new channels. When we change our mind, it alters the chemical messages to our body…the brain makes new synaptic connections to form new neural patterns or networks.” (Pg. 53-54)


2. This week reinforce the thoughts that we choose to nurture. Cultivate these thoughts when negativity arises. Do this with gentleness. Kindness, patience, and Love.  Feel the gratitude for this practice♡

Namaste Beautiful Sanga♡♡♡
May we choose Peace and Love to guide us♡