Time for Me… Time for Self-Compassion..

-Thoughts inspired by Ruth Fishel, my Ancestors, Teachers and Students ♡

As I prepare for my upcoming training, I am hearing my thoughts…

How will you make it through such a rigorous training. 3 classes in a row!

What were you thinking????

How will you stay awake and alert with such long seminars???

It goes on and on I noticed. The story-line in the thoughts. It’s the mind doing its job based on past experiences and occurrences. Based on belief systems inherited and acquired.

The courage to change the things I can…

The only thing I can change are the second thoughts and the actions that follow♡

Our readings together have presented so many tools and the premise that the brain can be re-wired through awareness and reprogramming. We know it as the term neuroplasticity.

My part is to pick up these tools- affirmations, tapping into a Source Greater than Self (through meditation) and through willingness and openness I am transformed♡♡♡

Now, a new realization for the this week to practice…

A sprinkling in of compassion. A loving softness with my Higher Self and others that expresses and displays Unconditional Self-love.

This week, I am willing to use mantra, visualization, meditation and compassion when I hear these messages that erode my self-esteem and deplete my Spirit.

With acceptance and non-judgement, I am willing to practice Love, Tolerance and appreciation of Self, All of me, as a Loving Higher Power would♡

Then I can give the gift to another♡♡♡

Are you in???

Let’s do it together.

In yoga practice we know this as Ahimsa. Causing no harm to self and others. 

Namaste Beautiful Sangha (community)

Debbie ♡♡♡







“A sprinkling in of compassion. A loving softness with my Higher Self and others that expresses and displays Unconditional Self-love.”


Time for Me…
Time for Neuroplasticity…

Inspired thoughts and practice from Ruth Fishel, and from my teachers, and Students♡

” Neuroplasticity is our ability to change our mind, to change ourselves and to change our perception of the world around us…we have to change how the brain automatically and habitually works. The ability to make our brain forgo its habitual internal wiring and fire new patterns and combinations is how neuroplasticity allows us to change.”
Joe Dispenza, DC

Scientists are proving that we DO have the ability to change the (habitual) thought patterns of our thinking and minds♡

How can we practice this?
1. Begin with the mindfulness to be aware of the thoughts and feelings we are experiencing.  Scientific data suggests that our minds will react to what we are feeling at any given moment in time. We ask ourselves, how is this serving us? Is it for our Highest Good? Is it in accordance with the way a Loving Power Greater than Self would have us think???  How am I reacting to this?  Am I triggered, responding from a past experience?  An “old” belief system?

We are Empowered to discern and then make choices!!!!!
As we become more aware, we can welcome the thoughts and feelings with the energy of mindfulness and allow the thought patterns to be transformed. As we do this, we free ourselves from the grips of being reactionary. We begin to experience life in a different way and with a different perspective. We are now in “real time” or living in the moment♡  “New thoughts make new channels. When we change our mind, it alters the chemical messages to our body…the brain makes new synaptic connections to form new neural patterns or networks.” (Pg. 53-54)


2. This week reinforce the thoughts that we choose to nurture. Cultivate these thoughts when negativity arises. Do this with gentleness. Kindness, patience, and Love.  Feel the gratitude for this practice♡

Namaste Beautiful Sanga♡♡♡
May we choose Peace and Love to guide us♡



The Season of Spring:

A Time for Rejuvenation, Joy, Grounding & Balance

Spring is upon us! The vegetation is showing apparent signs of re-awakening. The red buds are splashing the color of the heart throughout the muted colors associated with the remnants of winter. Hues of every color abound. When I slow down and immerse myself into the sensual experience of a walk-in nature, I see the smallest detail. I feel the energy rising up around me and through me. I feel alive! Scents from the earth permeate the air. The animals that share this world with us are increasingly becoming active. The songs of birds have shifted to vocal songs of advertisements signaling availability to begin families. The calls of the Spring Peepers rebounds with a primordial beaconing. The rising temperatures of our environment are enticing us to experience and enjoy this beauty emerging around us.


As a result of these times, I am gifted with an opportunity to experience this movement of energy in ways I would have never imagined! The first thing I have noticed is that I am no longer caught up in a flurry of activity and rapid pace of life. I am experiencing a different reality as the pace of life around me has slowed and sometimes screeched to a halt. My rhythm is resonating with this new community tempo. This altered experience of time has opened a portal to intense gratitude and appreciation for what I once thought were the small things in life. I am open to and willing to embrace all aspects of life and self with intense love in my heart. With the profound awareness that yes, all things are impermanent and subject to change. My quest is, to stay in the moment fully to experience life.


Ruth and I voluntarily temporally closed our Blackstone Massage Studio for the health and well-being of ourselves and our clients. The tenacity of the Coronus virus in our community and world has presented the opportunity to shift my perspective to Gratitude, Mindful living, and a greater sensitivity towards self, people, places and things I took for granted. This change in perspective is only possible through the awareness of how I can invest my energy into the things I can control and make choices that can strengthen my immune system and fortify the strength of my mind, body and Spirit. The greater question that is surfacing is, how am I choosing to live?  How will I choose to live after all is healed in our communities?  What no longer serves my Highest Good?  What does, and am I willing to allow these people, places and things in?

Am I willing to leave room, time and space within my full life to “smell the roses”, to seek the matters motivated by the heart? To truly BE, instead of continually Doing!


Through the practices of Yoga, massage and Ayurveda (the study of life in relation to the elements of nature), I have come to experience greater balance in an ever-changing situation and crisis. I am grateful to my teachers of massage and yoga who have passed down this knowledge to me to use and share. I greatly appreciate this gift of time to further dedicate my efforts to embrace the very things that feed, nourish, protect me and enable me to grow, and flourish in a steady state regardless of the changes happening around me.  By remaining grounded and connected, I am not only able to help myself, but also to reach out to my family and community in helpful and resourceful ways.


May you benefit in every way from these humble ramblings and suggestions. May you experience health, balance, strength, revelations and the experience of mindful living.

Blessings, Love, Namaste (I see and honor the light in you and in myself), Debbie